9 Ways to Adapt Curriculum in Special Education

What is a Curriculum Adaptation?

Adapting curriculum is an ongoing dynamic process that modifies and adapts the program of studies to meet the learning requirements of a student with special needs. It enables the teaching team to welcome learners of all abilities and ensures that every student is challenged to learn.

Here are a few ways a teacher can adapt the curriculum to meet the needs of their students:

1. Quantity

First, you can change the number of items the learner is expected to do, or the number of activities will complete.

EX: On a worksheet, 10/20 problems – even or odd numbers. The other students will complete 3 activities in 40 minutes, this group of students will complete 1 activity in 40 minutes 

2. Time

Next, a teacher can change the time allowed for learning, task completion or testing.

EX: Students get extended time in one session or over multiple sessions during the week

3. Level of Support

Another way is to increase or decrease staff help or fade prompting.

EX: Assign students to work in partners on an assignment or give a visual for how to solve a math problem

4. Difficulty

Next, you can adapt the skill level, or problem type.

EX: Addition problems with numbers 1-3 only, use a calculator

5. Input

The method in which instruction or activities is given to the students.

EX: Multi-sensory approach: Visuals, hands on materials, enlarge text, concrete examples, pre-teach concepts

6. Output

Furthermore, this is how the student can respond in an assignment or instruction.

EX: Written, verbal, recorded or hands on responses

7. Participation

How actively involved the learner is in the task.

EX: Have a student write answers on the board, while others answer questions aloud 

8. Alternative Goals

Change the goals or outcomes while using the same materials. Therefore, students can be challenged on their own levels.

EX: Mastery will be at 80% for some students and 100% for other students

EX: A group of students count up from a number while others add numbers in their head and others use a calculator

9. Substitute Curriculum

Lastly, a teacher can adapt curriculum by providing different instruction. They can also provide materials to meet a learner’s needs.

EX: Student participates in project-based learning while others take a paper assessment

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